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ClimateXChange Report Released Today: Citizens' juries can be ideal space for making difficult decisions

Today, ClimateXChange released a report concluding that citizens' juries can be an ideal space to help make decisions about complex and contentious issues. . Read More

Professor Sir Tony Atkinson Lecture, 17 June: 'Inequality: What Can Be Done?'

Inequality: what can be done? Professor Sir Tony Atkinson comes to to University of Edinburgh to discuss his new book. . Read More

AoG staff gives keynote speech at Scottish Government's 'Participation Week'

From 8 - 12 June, the Scottish Government Directorate for Local Government and Communities will host 'Participation Week', with a keynote speech from AoG's Oliver Escobar.. Read More

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Jun 10 Seminar: Speaker: Dr Jan Eichhorn # University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Dr Daniel Kenealy # University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Richard Parry # University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Alexandra Remond # University of Edinburgh Voting at 16 - What has to happen next? Young people's political attitudes and behaviour and the role of schools 12:30 (3 hours) Macdonald Holyrood Hotel

Academy of Government Briefing

Jun 17 Lecture: Speaker: Professor Sir Tony Atkinson # Oxford University Professor Sir Tony Atkinson Lecture: 'Inequality: What Can Be Done?' 17:15 (2 hours) Main Lecture Theatre, 50 George Square

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