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Navigating Scottish Government - CPD Course, January 26, 2016

Register now for Navigating Scottish Government - CPD Course January 26, 2016 from the Academy of Government. Read More

Let's Discuss Poverty 2015 - Challenge Poverty Week

Challenge Poverty Week is an initiative organised by The Poverty Alliance that seeks to increase our knowledge of poverty issues in Scotland. This year it is running from October 17th-23rd 2015 and unites a large number of individuals keen to draw attention to the issues of poverty in Scotland.. Read More

22 Students Ready for Holyrood

At the beginning of October, after five weeks of tuition, twenty-two students keenly anticipated the start of their sojourn at Holyrood as part of the Parliamentary Internship programme. . Read More

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Nov 30 Workshop: Speaker: Richard Holloway # Writer and former Bishop of Edinburgh; Speaker: Maggie Mellon # Women for Independence We Need to Talk about Punishment 10:00 (5 hours and 30 minutes) Dovecot Studies Ltd., Edinburgh

Scottish Universities Insight Institute

Dec 03 Workshop: Creating Effective Partnerships to Deliver Public Services 10:00 (5 hours and 45 minutes) Dovecot Studios Ltd, Edinburgh

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