The Academy of Government was founded in January 2011 with its first academic programmes launched in September of that year. The Academy brings together faculty from a number of schools within the University - including the School of Social & Political Science, the Business School, the School of Economics, the Moray House School of Education, and the School of Law - to deliver professional education and to collaborate on innovative research in the area of public policy. The Academy is formally housed within the School of Social & Political Science.

The Academy is also closely aligned with the University of Edinburgh Global Academies. The Global Academies were created as a response to the increasingly urgent challenges affecting world stability. They are focused on collaborative action to deliver a global impact through interdisciplinary teaching programmes; research that translates scientific advances into policy and practice; partnerships across academia, commerce, civil society and local communities; fostering communities of practice; championing equality and justice; and forging novel teaching and research activities and approaches. The Academy of Government is fully aligned with this mission.

Our directorate is responsible for strategising and planning the activities of the Academy. The directorate consists of the Academy's directors (two co-directors, a deputy director, and an associate director) and key stakeholders from within the School of Social & Political Science.