AoG Public Sessions

AoG Public Sessions are open meetings for all with an interest in an issue, including members of the public as well as policy makers, practitioners, researchers and other stakeholders. These sessions are usually led by one or more invited speakers, often in a round table format and always with engagement from the floor. In this way, we seek to make publics as well as include them. 

This first AoG public session was held in April 2015, hosted in partnership with What Works Scotland and was focused on how deliberative democracy – directly involving citizens in policy making – can happen on a large, perhaps even national scale. There 42 participants discussed ideas and shared their own experiences and views on the ideals and practices of participatory democracy. As usual in AoG public sessions, the event attracted an interesting mix of citizens, researchers, policy workers and activists. More public sessions are being planned and conducted throughout the year, and you can stay informed of all upcoming sessions on our Events page