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AoG Workshops bring together invited participants to think through an immediate issue of shared interest or concern. Participants range from representatives from civic organisations and academics, to journalists and policy makers. Workshops are action-oriented conversations, designed to generate specific proposals for further work and may also be part of larger workshop series with partners in Scotland and beyond. 

The first AoG workshop was help in April 2015 and focused on what a 'national conversation' looks like in practice. The 'Scottish National Conversation' was used as the primary example, when citizens in all walks of life and in many settings discussed 'big policy' issues in an informed and substantive manner preceding the independence referendum. This workshop was one of the first steps in designing an international comparative research project on what makes a national conversation successful. This workshop was precisely the type of conversation that AoG intends to foster with future events with topics connected to our Research Themes. Upcoming workshops will be announced on our Events page throughout the year. 

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