Citizen Participation Network

The Citizen Participation Network (CPN) includes 600 citizens, researchers, practitioners and policy makers working in a range of policy fields in Scotland and beyond. It is open to anyone interested in citizen participation, deliberative democracy, public engagement and collaborative policy-making. It is convened by Dr. Oliver Escobar of the Academy of Government.

In the last decade there have been increasing efforts to encourage direct citizen participation in governance. Scotland and the UK have not been an exception to this global trend.  Ideas and practices of civic participation, community engagement and public dialogue can be found in policy arenas as diverse as local government, the NHS, urban planning, and science and technology.  However, despite all the work and experimentation on the ground, there seems to be a lack of spaces for cross-cutting dialogue between different areas of practice, as well as between practitioners and researchers. CPN aims to provide that kind of space by:

* fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange;

* building a network that cuts across disciplinary boundaries and policy silos;

* creating a platform for collaborative practice and research.

Learn more about the ongoing work of the Citizen Participation Network on CPN's frequently updated blog, which covers a range of topics from citizen participation events in Scotland to questions such as 'What does innovative democracy look like around the world?' To join the CPN email list and be a part of this ongoing conversation, please contact Dr. Escobar via email.