The view from the continent: what people in other member states think about the UK's EU referendum

The view from the continent: what people in other member states think about the UK's EU referendum
Speaker: Professor John Curtice # ScotCen Social Research and University of Strathclyde; Speaker: Dr Jan Eichhorn # d|part and University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Christine Hubner # d|part and University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Dr Daniel Kenealy # University of Edinburgh
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Date and Time
15th Mar 2016 12:15 - 15th Mar 2016 15:00
Dovecot Studios, 10 Infirmary St, Edinburgh

Dovecot Studios, 10 Infirmary St, Edinburgh EH1 1LT
15th March 2016
12:15 - 15:00 
Lunch will be provided before presentations commence (12.15 – 12.45)

*** This event is free and open to all however registration is essential. Please register via Eventbrite ***

Join us to hear the results from this collaborative research project between The University of Edinburgh and German think tank d|part into the attitudes of other EU member states towards the UK’s EU referendum. This unique project is the only comprehensive, representative survey looking systematically at attitudes towards this referendum in other EU member states. It is part of the ESRC UK in a Changing Europe programme and coordinated under the auspices of AQMeN.

We will discuss the results from a survey of citizens across Ireland, Germany, France, Poland, Sweden and Spain with their views on the crucial questions around the referendum including:

• whether the UK should stay or leave the EU

• attitudes towards policy changes proposed by the UK

• perceptions of the renegotiation process

• general attitudes towards and knowledge about the EU

• desirability of a similar process in citizens’ own country 

The findings will be presented by the research team of Dr Jan Eichhorn (UoE), Dr Daniel Kenealy (UoE) and Christine Hubner of d|part followed by a discussion with Prof John Curtice (Strathclyde Uni/ScotCen Social Research) comparing the results to findings from the UK. 

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