Presentations and briefings from new research

New research, funded by the ESRC, into elite and mass attitudes to constitutional change published by Academy of Government.

1 April 2015

Dr Jan Eichhorn, Dr Daniel Kenealy, Richard Parry, Prof Lindsay Paterson and Alexandra Remond - all affiliated with the Academy of Government - share findings from ESRC funded research on attitudes to how the UK is governed.

The aim of this project is to engage with the fast-moving events after September 2014. Following the Scottish independence referendum a process of far-reaching constitutional change with a hectic timescale began that has been impacting the lead up to the May 2015 General Elections. The project examines what masses and elites in different parts of the UK think about the constitutional change process, what their preferences are, and whether they feel they have any influence.

The project consists of a set of elite interviews with high-profile politicians, civil servants and campaigners from across the UK as well as a mass opinion survey of people in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. A large sample allows us to present how views differ across the different parts of the UK (sample size 7479 in total, 4027 for England, 1630 for Scotland, 1211 for Wales, and 611 for Northern Ireland).

The results are the most comprehensive analysis of people’s views on the political process since September 2014 and in advance of the elections in May 2015. It allows us to show which groups of people feel most represented and which groups feel most alienated from this process. Comparing views from elites with those of the public will enable us to see where perceptions of those representing publics match actual views and where they may be more representative of particular groups of the population while others’ views may be less represented.

Click below to download our briefings and presentations:

  • Briefing on Democratic Engagement and the Process of Constitutional Change
  • Briefing on Public Preferences and the Process of Constitutional Change
  • Briefing on Scotland and the Process of Constitutional Change
  • Briefing on the Smith Commission and the Process of Constitutional Change.
  • Briefing on England and the Process of Constitutional Change
  • Briefing on Wales and the Process of Constitutional Change
  • Briefing on Northern Ireland and the Process of Constitutional Change
  • Edinburgh presentation
  • London presentation
  • Cardiff presentation
  • Belfast presentation
  • Briefing on Voting at 16 - What next?
  • Voting at 16 presentation

An overview of the project can be downloaded here.