Associated Faculty

In addition to our core faculty there many other academics at the University who contribute to teaching or are affiliated to the research themes and activities of the Academy. Below you will find links to their academic profiles. They are arranged by research theme.


Economics and Political Economy

  • Nicholas Myers (National borders and economic interactions)


Education Policy


Environmental Policy

  • Dr Mhairi Aitken (Public engagement with science and technology; Public participation in policy-making)

  • Dr Ronan Bolton (Energy policy; Low carbon technologies and practices; Regulatory policy)

  • Dr Ann Bruce (Innovation and regulation of life science industries; Animal biosciences)


European Union Policy

  • Dr Chad Damro (Transatlantic relations; International regulatory competition; External dimensions of EU policy)
  • Ines Oliveira (Money laundering; International political economy; International law; EU public policy; Evidence and experts in public policy; Global governance)
  • Professor Andrew Scott (EU public policy; Economics of European integration; Economics of the Eurozone; Scotland and the EU)


International Development

  • Dr Gerhard Anders (Anthropology of development and law; International development; International criminal justice; Transnational justice; Institutions and state policies)

  • Professor Grant Jarvie (Sport and international development)

  • Professor James Smith (International development; Sub-Saharan Africa; Technological innovation)

  • Dr Samuel Spiegel (International development; Inequality; Social change; UN organisations; Rural livelihoods; Extractive sector regulation; Artisanal and small-scale mining)


International and Foreign Policy

  • Dr Andrea Birdsall (Human rights; International law; War on terror; International norms)
  • Dr Xavier Guillaume (Critical security studies; International political sociology; Postcoloniality)
  • Dr Adham Saouli (State formation; Social movements; Politics of divided states; Middle East; Hizbullah)
  • Dr Ewan Stein (Political Islam; Egyptian politics; Arab political thought; Arab-Israeli conflict; State-society relations)


Law and Public Policy

  • Ryan Christian (International law; U.S. Constitutional law; U.S. foreign relations law)






Politics and Public Policy

  • Dr Alan Convery (Multi-level party politics; British politics; Scottish politics; Welsh politics; Conservative party politics)
  • Dr Eve Hepburn (Comparative politics; European politics; Territorial politics; Multi-level governance; Politics of immigration; Scottish politics)

  • Professor Michael Keating (Scottish politics and public policy; Urban and regional politics)

  • Dr Nicola McEwen (Territorial politics; Nationalism; Scottish politics; Devolution; Multi-level governance)
  • Richard Parry (Public administration; Public sector resource allocation; Public sector management)


Public Health

  • Dr Andrew Harmer (Emerging economies and global health; Climate change and global health)
  • Dr Sarah Hill (Health inequalities; Social determinants of health; Tobacco and health)
  • Dr Sumeet Jain (Community mental health; Culture and health; Well-being; South Asia)


Social Policy

  • Dr. Hayley Bennett (Unemployment, social security, labour markets, governance, third sector, politics of policymaking)
  • Dr Daniel Clegg (Comparative social policy, Unemployment, Welfare systems and reform, Labour markets, European social policy, Social security)
  • Dr Jan Eichhorn (Social capital, Social surveys, Subjective well-being, Happiness)