Participatory and Deliberative Democracy

The worlds of politics and policymaking are evolving to accommodate diverse ideas and practices around citizen participation, public deliberation and collaborative governance. Traditional forms of engagement (e.g. public meetings, consultations) now coexist alongside democratic innovations (e.g. mini-publics, participatory budgeting, crowdsourcing) and new governance arrangements (e.g. partnerships). These developments can have profound consequences for how politics and policymaking work, and redefine what it means to be a citizen and a policy-maker.

AoG is driving an exciting research agenda into the practices of participatory and deliberative democracy. Led by Dr. Oliver Escobar, this ranges from studies of collaborative governance to the latest democratic innovations. For instance, our staff are currently directing ambitious research programs into the role of deliberative mini-publics and participatory budgeting, as well as investigating collaborative governance through the What Works Scotland programme.