Research Links

The Academy of Government is connected to various research centres and institutes at the University of Edinburgh. Major research strengths that the Academy draws upon for its curriculum and for its broader activities include -


EU Politics, Law and Public Policy

The Academy is closely aligned with the University's Europa Institute. The Institute is one of the most active and longest-established specialist centres of advanced study on European integration in Europe. It brings together world-class scholars on EU law, politics and policy as well as supporting a vibrant community of early career research fellows and postgraduate students. The collective impact of the Institute's work ensures that it occupies a central, strategic position in both national and international networks of scholars working on the EU and provides a unique environment in Scotland’s capital city to explore the key issues facing Europe today.


International Development

The Academy has strong links to both the Centre of African Studies and the Global Development Academy. The Global Development Academy was created to harness the University’s international teaching, research and partnerships to ensure we play a central role in transforming the world.


Global Public Health

The Academy has strong links to both the Global Public Health Unit (GPHU) and the Global Health Academy. GPHU, based in the Social Policy subject area, offers an interdisciplinary and policy-focused approach to understanding population health and the factors that influence it at the national, regional and global levels. GPHU draws together expertise from a diverse range of disciplines including public health, political science, social policy, economics, medicine, epidemiology, geography and anthropology. The Global Health Academy is one of the University's global academies. It aims to improve global health and make life better through collaborative, interdisciplinary research, education and resource development.


Multi-level Governance and Territorial Politics

Our links to the Politics & International Relations subject area are especially strong in the area of territorial politics and multi-level governance. Territorial Politics explores the distribution of power and power relations between territorial communities and governments within the state. Much of PIR's research in this field examines the dynamics of devolution in the UK within a broader comparative context. Our team includes some of the leading members of territorial politics research in Europe, and we lead numerous research networks in the field.


Environmental, Science & Technology Policy

We have strong links to the Science, Technology & Innovation Studies (STIS) subject group and also to the University's Global Environment & Society Academy (GESA). STIS possesses an international reputation for interdisciplinary research into various aspects of science and technology in society. STIS produces public policy advice and consultancy on the implications of technology and innovation. At the heart of GESA's mission is the aim to provide pioneering, tangible and joined-up solutions to the challenges created by global environmental change.


Social Policy

The Social Policy subject area is closely affiliated with the Academy. It is a subject area with a fantastic reputation in the UK and internationally. The subject area has strengths in governance and policy as well as in policy areas as varied as welfare policy, education policy, and family policy. It also houses the Global Public Health Unit (see above).